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5 WaysTo Make Fishing Season Longer

Fishing season is too short in most parts of the world!. For example in Maine most people get perhaps 6 months maximum in freshwater and in saltwater fishermen usually only get 4 months in. Most fisherman would like to fish more much more and it’s often possible with a little effort. Here are a 5 ideas that may help.

1) Fish for more species. For example, I’m a bass fisherman primarily, and the decent fishing doesn’t start until May. However the trout fishing is very good in April and by going after trout I get an extra few weeks in the spring. Similarly when the bass fishing stops, there is plenty of other fishing left.

2) If the waters you fish close to fishing, perhaps even most of the waters, there may be places still open for your favorite types of fishing. For example for trout and salmon fishermen in my state, once the waters close in the fall during breeding season, there are still a few streams flowing into big lakes that remain open.

3) To get more fishing in during the peak of the best fishing, fish nights and rainy days as well. You’ll get more fishing in and the fishing is even better sometimes at those times. Fishing in the rain is fun when the weather is nice, and night fishing can be absolutely deadly, especially on larger fish. Be careful at night however!

4) Try traveling and fishing. Traveling doesn’t necessarily mean lots of money, but it can. Camping works well with fishing for example.

Try to combine even a family vacation with a quick morning out fishing, or bring a small pack rod along when on business trips as I often do. Mysteriously my trips to nice fishing locations often get extended a few days.

5) If in the north, consider ice fishing. If you’ve never done it, you may find it becomes your favorite type of fishing. Many rarely fish in the warm weather but concentrate on fishing through the ice.

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