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Bass Fishing Tips

I have been fishing for roughly 20 years and have picked up some advanced Bass fishing tips and techniques in those years, when I am gearing up to crank up the boat and hit the water to get some bass fishing underway I follow many methods.

The first thing I do is make sure all my equipment is ready and counted for this may sound silly, however in reality I have forgotten the silliest of small items before, thus knocking off hours of my adventure because I had to drive home to pick them up, so on that note always create a check list before venturing out in to the abyss.

Always make sure you take your emergency phone, I can not highlight how important this is simply because it can save your life, if anything goes untoward out there you will need to get help fast.

Now the boring parts are out the way let’s begin with the interesting fun aspects, with some Bass fishing tips locating the bass is the first thing we need to complete which can be easy given the correct procedures, Bass need to breathe and love to hang around in aquatic plants this is because there is so much oxygen there.

Originally Bass were only found in the very far east of the Mississippi River including the south end of the Great lakes in the main continental United States.

Bass are somewhat very territorial in fact they are renowned for this feature, why do I mention these types of Bass fishing tips well let me explain something to you. When you have found the Bass around one particular area there is a big chance they will be there the next day, reason being is that Bass will carry on biting around the same types of areas the following day.

Largemouth Bass particularly follow this procedure and are a variety in that they are voracious eaters, eyes of Bass are famously sensitive to bright light, reason for this is because they are able to see in less clear conditions, when the sun gets to its peak they will dive for cover and start to feast on the hidden food.

Bass fishing tips will come naturally to you in time, it was somewhat daunting when I started out. However you will find the best ways to reel them in trust me it will come.

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